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Welcome to 100 Dates! at New York University Abu Dhabi's Center for Genomics and Systems Biology. 100 Dates! is a date palm whole genome sequencing project whose aim is to sequence the genomes of 100 date varieties of commercial and cultural value. We are in the process of obtaining the final varieties to be included in our sample of 100 varieties from across the Middle East and North Africa. Please contact us if you are interested in participating by helping provide material from clonally propagated traditional varieties. The project is entering a phase of rapid development so please visit us frequently at this site or our facebook page at www/facebook.com/100Dates for the latest on the project.

Recent Developments

We are proud to announce the publication of our study of 62 genomes in Nature Communications in November 2015. Thanks to our team of international collaborators for their invaluable contributions.

In 2012, we hosted an exhibit at the International Date Palm Festival in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.You can find some of the materials from the exhibit here:

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U.S. Department of Agriculture

Coming Soon

In the upcoming months, we will be launching the first ever Genome Browser for date palms and an interactive date palm database. Please come back soon to browse the genome of your favorite date variety.